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Active Gps solution

ALGEOFLEET offers you its turnkey solution ‘’Active Gps’’. This solution will simplify management, planning and monitoring your vehicles. A considerable gain of time and money.

  • Fleet Management

  • Administrative and technical management

    • Creation of sub-accounts with privileged access
    • Simplifying the management of overtime compensation
    • Advance planning of technical controls, vehicles maintenance….
    • Alerts configuration (maintenance, consumables,….) to ensure strict follow up of your vehicles
  • Security

    • SOSbutton : emergency button to quickly help your drivers in case of accident
    • Securing your vehicles against theft: engine block option
    • Immobilizer
  • More services by “Active Gps”

    • Use of a web mapping (Google Maps Pro)
    • Existence of a backup battery
    • Backup of your history data
    • Available on Mobile
  • Your benefits

    • Improvement of your commercial reactivity
    • Control of your costs and displacement
    • Reducing the number of accidents and improve your drivers’ behavior


In addition to all these benefits related to the exploitation of geolocation system of ALGEOFLEET,you have the support of our After Sales Service :

  • Follow the proper functioning of boxes
  • Customer contact in case of anomaly detection
  • National intervention for the necessary repairs


Please, contact our commercial team for further information