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Introduction of ALGEOFLEET

Established in 2007, ALGEOFLEET deals with vehicles’ and drivers’ management,marketing, deployment and after-sales service of geolocation systems.It is duly empowered to conduct its business in compliance with the ARPT.

The expertise of our team and its interaction with different economic actors ranging from the very small to big business, allow us to propose offers tailored to your needs and to accompany you throughout the exploitation of our geolocation system and fleet management.

Geolocation, how does it work?

The exploitation of a geolocation system requires the use of an embedded device to locate vehicle position. Concretely,we equip vehicles with a satellite position in casing(GPS). The position will be forwarded,depending on selected communication mode(GPRS/ GSM, satellite)towards a platform managed by ALGEOFLEET.

The customer has a secure web access to our platform to locate vehicles and easily manage his fleet.